the instance is after I had my accident I was assaulted by the insurance company & that’s what really affected my life. It’s an ongoing twenty-four hour thing it doesn’t stop. It’s like a broken record. I go through all the thinking process about it I get to a dead end then I start all over again. I became disabled in ninety-six. I had an accident on my way to work my car was hit I then lost control & hit a power pole & I ejected from the vehicle.. Twenty-three years.. & then a year before I had to go to court for my personal injury matter the insurance company assaulted me with a motor vehicle. It is unresolved because I haven’t had my day in court yet. I am the victim I am entitled to have my day in court. I’ve had five solicitors now & the solicitor that proceeded over that second accident he did nothing. Yet with my fifth solicitor I found out that the second one ran this matter to court & legal services commissioner says I got thirty-thousand out of it. What do you mean? Because I show my bank account & there has never been. There is no cheque number written to my account. No never. There’s no record. It’s difficult for someone without a brain injury to get their head around it. Difficult for a solicitor or barrister to get their head around it. I don’t understand without all the facts & all the lies.. All they told me on the day was that I can’t prove that they filmed me. That’s what he said you can’t prove.. It has consumed my whole life. Because I’ve never done any crime as such. I’ve never robbed anyone or stolen anything not even five cents from anyone & police are saying you need to talk to a solicitor & the solicitors are saying you need to talk to the police. Then three years pass I was living in my car. The car that they write off. So all I had was my clothes & my car & my documents. They take that away from me. So I lived on a park bench I got very low at that point in time & it was very difficult.. To get back to keep fighting. I’m still standing. Being used as a cash cow for twenty years. What did those five do for me? Just made me pay all the costs. Where’s the legal aid in all of this? Anything with my name on it is deleted erased sent out into space so that no one will find it. All erased & I put it to them all these people erasing I haven’t erased anything I’ve kept everything it’s all there. The problem is it is hard when the solicitors just want to take your money & now it is not about money as you can see. I have everything now. I don’t need anything. It is about stopping them from doing it to anyone else. I wanted to withdraw from society. I refused to be happy. It gets better but it gets a lot worse because of my injuries.. Horrible pain horrible pain there all around the base of my neck. Throbbing & I have to manage it so that is is bearable. It is debilitating. I used to be so productive. Had lots of friends. But as soon as the accident it is like the world kept spinning a lot faster & for me I couldn’t keep up with the speed of the world anymore. But I planned to get back on my feet. Get treatments. Get back to work. They had a compromise of four-hundred & fifty thousand which the solicitor didn’t tell me back then. That would of set me up for life. No one is prepared to listen. No one is prepared to guide. Guide them towards something that will work. They die. They kill themselves. They can’t live with it. Or they just move out to a regional area in the middle of nowhere. Like I did. Just hide from everyone. I want to fight this until the end. Even if it takes me to eighty years old. A lot of the time I wanted to kill myself & still I think I can’t live with this pain & not having money to treat it without any relief from it. I gotta fight a very experienced criminal who has extensive knowledge of the law who is in an organisation & who has been ripping people off hundreds of years. Mountains of money. So throw a bit of money on me so I go away. No? Well then I am going to take you to court. It’s just hard when you don’t have money for food let alone court documents medicine your pets food.. Petrol money to go to court everyday to file documents.. I am alive that’s a start. Haha! It’s not the physical injuries that you suffer from it’s the mental emotional spiritual.. It weakens you. It’s clear cut. I’ll just pull out a paper & say read that.

John works in Green Square. He dedicates his time off to his Mother & helping people who suffer from similar disadvantages to himself by spending time with them & making sure they have good days.